Adoption Policies

Our Adoption Policies and Priviledges

Please keep in mind when you are saving three lives. Here is our package of polices that go with each adoption.

1. Our adoption fee is $75.00 - regardless if purebred or not, dog or puppy, cat or kitten

2. All our animals are spayed and neutered.

3. All our animals come with a health guarantee from disease

4. Any health problems are covered within 30 days from adoption, your pet will be seen by our vet at no charge to you, provided the pet is current on its vaccines.

5. All CVAAG pets come back to us if there is a problem and you cannot keep it.  The only exception is if it has bitten someone.  The adoption donation is non-refundable but is tax deductible.  You do have the opportunity to try another pet that may work out better in your home.

6. All our new adopters will get a call from us to see if the transition is going smoothly and the pet is settling into its new home.

Enjoy and love your new pet as it will give you wonderful memories and companionship!  We encourage you to also share updates with us on our Facebook page

Intake Policies

Our Intake Policies - Please Read Carefully

Here is how we intake animals;

1. We are glad to help any dog or cat find a home where it will do well giving and receiving reciprocal love and companionship.

2. This animal must NOT show any signs of aggression towards other animals as they are kenneled together.

3. Our main purpose here at CVAAG, Inc. is to rescue and pull dogs and cats from municipal shelters that euthanize these animals. When we intake from private individuals wanting us to take their pets, they must be spayed, neutered and current on vaccines and microchipped. There is a 250.00 dollar minimum sponsorship to bring us their pet. A animal to be admitted in into the Sydnes Senior Center for Aging dogs and cats 500.00 per pet for geriatric animals. Dogs must be tested for heartworm and cats must be tested for Felv/Fiv = negative within the year of intake. If dogs test positive we will ask for a larger donation of 600.00+ intake donation to cover and buffer all medical costs of treatment. 100% of all our funds go to the animals with no one on death rows. This is a requirement.

4. You must have proper ID when surrendering a pet to us.

5. Must not be climbers or escape artists.

6. We help all breeds of animals.